Aloha. For those who are here looking that don't know me, I'm Sophie, I'm 35, I live in Shetland. One of the most beautiful locations in the World, as any one also living here will be able to appreciate (If you're not in Shetland already and would like to get married here! WOO HOO, you should do it!) I Love being outdoors in any way shape or form, exploring, watching sunsets, recording the amazing surroundings around us, and if this can some way be incorporated into your photos, even better!
 I used to be a runner, an ultra runner at that, this was my release and excuse to be outside, but after breaking me leg last year i'm currently limited to walking, although i'm on the look out for a bike, one of those cute ones with a basket and a bell. I also design and make jewellery!! So, if you're in the market for wedding rings or cufflinks, bridesmaid gifts, or if you haven't even proposed yet and you're looking for a diamond...  hit me up! I'm a cocktail queen, I love creating and drinking cocktails, after years working behind a bar it's just part of who I am. My energy has always been endless, I'm constantly filling my days with as much as possible, making the most out of every moment in this one precious life. I love socialising and sharing moments with friends, showing them a new corner of Shetland or putting the world to rights over a cup of tea or a gin. I love yoga, Jason Momoa, long summer nights, grottie buckies, snow and sequins. I'm the girl who's car is filled with sand and an endless wardrobe of clothes for any eventuality. 
I've been fascinated in photography for as long as I could think to remember. This is the part where I say I picked up a camera as a kid and never put it down, that's where I feel most at home, however, you probably don't care about that bit?! 
I took a city and guilds course in Photography aged 16, and my passion continued to grow. I studied an art foundation course at Newcastle College. Once I was lucky enough to own my own SLR, my interest grew from photographing landscapes and objects and became about portraits and how to get people to react and interact with my lens. This bit is important though, I'll get the best I can out of you on your day with the least amount of fuss. My favourite thing is recording people's special moments and events in the most natural way possible. 
Have a look at My "What I do" section if you'd like me to take some photos for you. I'd love to get to know you and record your moments for you.