Last week kicked off wedding season for me; Billy and Cassie had a perfect intimate ceremony at Busta House hotel. Crowley their dog was even in attendance for their photos. Shetland was in the heart of a storm while the wedding took place, we had every weather we could have in one day, which is quite accurate to most Shetland Weddings to be fair. Busta house is perfectly suited for days like this, their long room is a beautiful space with grand mantel pieces and paintings that create a great back drop regardless of the weather, meaning everyone can keep warm for the shots whilst maybe supping on a whisky or two at the same time, gaining the dutch courage preceding the speeches or even heading off on a ghost hunt if they wanted. 
Busta house have amazing spaces for the bridal prep. Each bedroom or the library; which is often used for the bridal party to beautify in, is well equipped with windows to provide natural light, but also a stunning view. This got me thinking about the spaces people use for their bridal prep, its important to remember that where you get ready ultimately ends up in your wedding album, so to think about where things are placed, or where you've tidied things to in the room is good photo prep, you're not really needing Granny Annie's jacket or handbag in all your wedding photos haha. I'd even say to choose where you get ready at on your wedding day purely for how it'll look in the album. 
For Billy and Cassie we got a brilliant weather window meaning we got all of their couple shots outside within Busta's grounds, I always love when we manage to do this on wedding day as Shetland is incredible, and when marrying in Shetland it's nice to be able to show that. I've done weddings before when we haven't got the window we've needed for these outdoor shots, and I always say not to worry; it's quite fun to maybe put your dress and kilt back on another day to head out and get those scenic photos on a sunny day, and in your own time, it means that you've time to travel to special places to you as a couple, but also relax into the shoot. I'm really hoping to do more of this kind of thing this year, even if it's brilliant sunshine on your wedding day, it's something to consider for a second day or hamefarin too as an extra. 
Other projects i've worked on this month are; 
Brand new baby Krissi and her new born shoot, she was an absolute dream on the day, hardly paid me or the camera any attention and even had a token nap for the cute butter never melts shot. New born shoots are so nice in your own home, it means you have the space and time to relax and feed or change a nappy, a couple of outfit changes, and if the baby gets unsettled it means there's less stress on you as parents and gives time to get them settled. Who doesn't love a scrunched up crying baby shot though? 
I attended the "Wedding for Life" wedding show in the Shetland museum and archives in Lerwick on Saturday, the money raised on raffles, stand costs and fashion show tickets was all going towards the Relay for life. Shetland is an incredibly charitable place and over £3000 was raised for the cause, despite storm Jorge. It was really well organised by everyone involved, and an amazing fashion show was put on by Da Wedding Shed and their team of models. Well done to those who won the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses! What a brilliant prize. 
Catriona and her brothers were home in Shetland together for the first time in a while to take part in Bressay Up Helly Aa, as their cousin James was the Jarl. We had a lovely relaxed family shoot at their family home with their bairns and parents. Cat had bought this as a Christmas gift for her mom. We replicated some shots they'd had done as children and caught cheeky smiles from their own bairns. At home shoots are my favourite, each and every one is so different and the results are so personal to each family, helping them remember special days and occasions. 

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